November, 2007


I pulled the cover over my head yesterday as I tried to hush the voices in my head. I closed my eyes hoping that I would soon drift into peaceful sleep. I began counting the sheep but instead of the... (Continue reading)

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Why am I not interested in politics?

The basic rule was: why bother when the fire is not in your house? Walk by the wall and you shall never get hurt and will never get in trouble.... (Continue reading)

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The Disgusting Thing Between My Legs!

I smiled to myself and opened my eyes ... and there he was ... right between my legs staring at me ... challenging my dreams and peace of mind ... freaking the hell out of me with its disgusting brown... (Continue reading)

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مروة رخا لمجلة احنا – أخى المواطن! احترس من هذه المرأة

مروة رخا لمجلة احنا - أخى المواطن! احترس من هذه المرأة

كتبت الشهر اللى فات عن الرجالة الى مش بييجي من وراهم خير فزعلوا منى واتهمونى بالتحيز للمرأة. النهارده سأقر و أعترف بأنى فى صف كل رجل أنانى، جبان، خائن، قليل الأدب، أو عديم الذوق ... ليه؟ لأن كلام و تصرفات الستات تشجع... (Continue reading)

CAMPUS MAGAZINE: Move in or Move on

Now I own a home and one day I will have a boyfriend who will make it past the first month. What if he makes it past the first six months? It is one thing to come and visit and... (Continue reading)

What Color is your Collar?

What Color is your Collar?

Tweet When did I become so class conscious? How did I grow into that obnoxious girl that categorizes people based on where they live, what they wear, and how they talk? Their dialects, education, and possessions determine their location on... (Continue reading)