December, 2007

مروة رخا لمجلة احنا – فوبيا الارتباط

مروة رخا لمجلة احنا - فوبيا الارتباط

عني ايه فوبيا الارتباط؟ هو خوف برده بس مش من الحشرات و لا من الارتفاعات ... هو هلع من فكرة الزواج و خوف مزمن من العلاقات الجاده أو الطويلة. العجيب بقى ان مريض فوبيا الارتباط شغله الشاغل و همه الاهم... (Continue reading)

CAMPUS MAGAZINE: Relationships Warning: Do not date Egyptian Men!

After a year of suffering and utter misery, Sandy got a divorce ... and a son! A single foreign mother in Egypt could be quiet traumatizing. I asked her why she did not go back to her country; she told... (Continue reading)

Being Santa

Being Santa

Tweet Year after year I wrote letters to Santa and year after year I failed to understand why his gifts always got stuck in the chimney or got lost in the mail. I assure you that all my letters were... (Continue reading)