September, 2008

Why do Egyptians get Divorced?

Statistics show that 75,000 Egyptian couples got divorced in 2006/2007. Marwa Rakha brings up oline reactions to the phenomena in this post. ... (Continue reading)

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Jihad Hackers

Jihad Hackers

Within the "enlightened" crowd, emails about hackers, hacking techniques, names of hackers, and protecting one's account from being hacked have been circulating. Facebook's liberal activists were the main target of hackers who took over accounts, changed the name of the... (Continue reading)

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Young Egyptian Women Do Not Want to Work!

While some women are still struggling to prove themselves in the workplace, the young generation of Egyptian men and women seems to be taking different route. Marwa Rakha brings us the story of how young Egyptians told a television show... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Another Doweika Tragedy Waiting to Happen!

More than 1,100 students have so far joined a Facebook group crying for attention for a tragedy waiting to happen at Alexandria University's Engineering College. As more than 7,000 students get ready to return to classes, will their plight be... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Who are those People … in the People’s Assembly?

In the aftermath of the Egyptian Parliament going up in flames, people's reactions ranged from utter shock, sadness, to gloating. Wael Nawara conducted an independent poll asking bloggers, readers, and Egyptian internet users to answer the following question: Does the... (Continue reading)

Suez Canal donates 1,000,000 Egyptian Pounds to Doweika Victims

ser Mattar, many Egyptians were happy to find out that Suez Canal canceled its annual celebration on September 14 to donate a total of one million Egyptian Pounds to support the victims of the Doweika tragedy. Scores of people were... (Continue reading)

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The Egyptian Ministry of “Hisbah” – Fact or fiction?

The Egyptian Ministry of

This word "hisbah" has been popping up a lot in my face lately and it is usually associated with three things: 1) Saudi Arabia 2) The Muslim Brothers 3) An Egyptian intellectual, writer, artist, or thinker.... (Continue reading)

Dear MAN … I left you

Dear MAN ... I left you

Yes. I am breathing again. I loved you but I love myself more. My heart is sealed for I could never let you chip away from my happiness. I could not allow you to destroy the edifice inside of me.... (Continue reading)

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مروة رخا لمجلة احنا-عزيزى الرجل الشرقى:اُفضل أن أكون عشيقتك مش مراتك

مروة رخا لمجلة احنا-عزيزى الرجل الشرقى:اُفضل أن أكون عشيقتك مش مراتك

أقول لك ليه ومش عايزة قلة أدب وطولة لسان! على رأى المثل: "ايش خد الريح من البلاط؟"، انت كـزوج عامل زى البلاط، وكله بالأدلة والبراهين بمقارنة بسيطة بين "برستــيــج" مراتك ووضع عشيقتك هـ تلاقى الآتى:... (Continue reading)


After that call, I re-read my recent posts and could not understand why would anyone even bother with me when I was not even writing original stuff? Yes, most of the time, I was reporting on behalf of fellow bloggers.... (Continue reading)