November, 2008

Are Women making Egypt Poorer?

Women: Should they stay at home and raise kids or should they work and have a contribution? A controversial question that Fantasia's World tried to answer in her post: Are you making your country poorer?... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Locking Al Azhar students in the dark ages!

Al Azhar English Training Center is funded through a partnership agreement between Al Azhar University, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Global Opportunities Fund and the British Council. The Center was supposed to provide English Language courses in its first semester... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Police officers banned off university campus

In a historic court ruling, police are now banned from patrolling Cairo University's campus. Instead, the university will have to deploy civilian personal as security guards. Bloggers, who linked police recklessness and use of excessive force to the order, welcomed... (Continue reading)

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Is Secularism the answer to Egypt’s Sectarianism?

Egypt has always been known as an Islamic country where Muslims, Christians, and Jews peacefully co-existed. Today this is no longer the case. Is secularism the solution? Following is an outline of the discussion taking place on Egyptian blogs today.... (Continue reading)

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Egypt: 89% of Youth Support Internet Censorship Law

Eighty-nine per cent of Egyptian young men and women surveyed recently stated that they are in favour of an Internet censorship law. Bloggers Times shares the most recent statistics on Egyptian internet users in this post, translated by Marwa Rakha... (Continue reading)

Egypt: First Human Rights Film Festival

Seven films about human rights are being showcased at the first Cairo Human Rights Film Festival, which continues until Thursday (November 27). Marwa Rakha previews blogger reactions on the event. ... (Continue reading)

برنامج بحب فيك ايه؟ بحب فيك اخلاصك

برنامج بحب فيك ايه؟ بحب فيك اخلاصك

مروة رخا مع ياسمين ياسين و الحلقة الحادية عشر من برنامج "بحب فيك ايه" عن الاخلاص و مفهوم الاخلاص بحب فيك إخلاصك بحب فيكى إخلاصك .. إيه معنى كلمة إخلاص فى نظرك؟... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Uproar as Lawyer Suggests Raping Israeli Women

Voice of Egypt is ashamed of Egyptian Lawyer Nagla Al Imam, the same lawyer who made Egyptians angry, for encouraging Arab men to sexually harass Israeli women during her interview on Al Arabia TV (Ar). Marwa Rakha translates from Arabic.... (Continue reading)

برنامج بحب فيك ايه؟ مفهوم الرومانسية

برنامج بحب فيك ايه؟ مفهوم الرومانسية

مروة رخا مع ياسمين ياسين و عاشر حلقة من برنامج "بحب فيك ايه" عن مفهوم الرومانسية بحب فيك رومانسيتك بحب فيكى رومانسيتك يعنى إيه رومانسية بالنسبة لك؟ و إمتى تقدر تقول إن حبيبك رومانسى؟ و الرومانسية فى الحب بتمثلك إيه؟... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Sawiris Takes on Switzerland

Egypt: Sawiris Takes on Switzerland... (Continue reading)

Egypt: No More Natural Gas to Israel

An Egyptian court has banned the export of natural gas to Israel. Marwa Rakha briefs us about the deal, and what an Egyptian blogger is writing about the court order in this post. ... (Continue reading)

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Egypt: American University in Cairo’s New Campus Sparks Debate

Designed to accommodate 5,500 full-time students and 1,500 faculty and staff, the American University in Cairo's new $400 million, 260-acre campus is technologically advanced and environmentally friendly. Students say that it was a premature move as they suffer sexual harassment... (Continue reading)