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Date posted: September 1, 2009


  1. By Victoria: This is an excellent highly intelligent informative read
  2. By Akram E. Farag: A leap frog as far as Egyptian & Arab women expressing themselves
  3. By Bonita Oteri: A wish for Marwa
  4. By Rafik Nakhla: The Poison Tree
  5. By Ghada B.: An Honest Book
  6. By Anisa Abou El Hassan: It is full of Wisdom
  7. By Dina Ayoub: An Enlightening Book
  8. By Guess Who: Spot-on.. Guys and gals, you should read this book
  9. By Tarek Genedy: A Creative Idea for an Amazing Writer
  10. By Khaled Nabil Salama: Egypt's Carrie Bradshow
  11. By Amira L. Rashed: My Cousin
  12. By Kim: Interesting
  13. By Osama Nada: A Perfect Insight
  14. By Chris Condetti: Marwa Rakha at her best
  15. By Sara Desouki: Unconventional Dissection of Egyptian Society
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