Ask Marwa: I like him BUT

Date posted: December 22, 2009

Dear Ms. Rakha,

This might be a very silly problem, maybe more of a teenager problem than a 22-year-old one! Here is the thing: there is "this person" in my lecture hall, who I've noticed since the beginning of the last college year. At first, it was no big deal, just a girl's occupation, nothing major. I did not even pay it much attention, but with time, my attention grew toward this person. Even though I know nothing about this human being, not his name, not his age, not anything, I find him so special and unique; someone worth knowing. I find him very mysterious; how he is always alone in the lecture hall (seems so independent), rarely with one or some friends. How he always dresses in the same pattern, not so fashionably like the rest of guys here. He is always rushing outside during the pauses, to lean to the barrier facing the entrance of the faculty, alone in the cold!

I have tried talking to him, to get in touch, somehow, but no way was possible. We have no friends in common, we do not attend the same small groups, after the courses he is always running back home, and he never hangs out in the faculty and does not use the subway. I want to get to know this person, whom I find particularly interesting, but I want it to come naturally. Usually I am pretty comfortable with talking to strangers. It is just that from the moment I find someone cute, my shyness takes over me just in the begging, but then one I get comfortable with the other person, it goes away.

Hey hun

Why all the suffering? This is so uncalled for. Just walk up to him and say hi … smile … and then ask him how he is doing. He is your colleague after all … it is not like you are trying to strike a conversation with a complete stranger. Do not focus on the fact that he is a guy … or the fact that you like him … or the fact that he lives in a bubble of your creation. Focus on one thing … he is a human being worth getting to know and DO get to know him.

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