Phone sex … and ethics

Date posted: May 2, 2010



Hi marwa you rock

i wrote to you before asking advice about a relationship with a guy wants to have phone sex with me

and you told me that i catch up on his mixed massages and that he is a jerk

and then another massage asking about why men lie and propose even though you didn't ask for it

and you told me to never miss led my partner and on noting against my morals

…..Well now in still talkin to the jerk and in not miss leading him and try to keep my morals the problem is sometimes i loose that track i mean sometimes i do have sex phone although i'm acting and that'S miss leading and against my morals i feel regret but i also enjoy it.

You know i feel that i'm like those hesitating characters in movies like randa el be7hi in "aawkat fara3'" or like that girl in "bel alwan el tabe3ya" in afraid of god and but i can't resiste it i'm not really religious but i cant help thinking of god and my jerk has ways to convence me(i even let him touch my breast) and i cant belive i let him do it …I don't know what to do?…Need an older more understanding person i feel that u are a sister or close friend of mind


Hey hun
The worst feeling in this world is regret
and the second worst feeling after regret is lack of self respect
and now you are feeling both
From you message, I see that you do not have a solid code of ethics … if you decide to be a prostitute and stick to it I will respect your decision
But morals are not there for us to talk about … morals are there for us to act upon
If your actions do not reflect your beliefs then you are a hypocrite and only you can fix that.

When your actions and your beliefs are the same, you will not feel lost the way you do now


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