He is NOT a bad guy!

Date posted: May 2, 2010



dear marwa..

i need your help plz… i think u're the only one on earth that would tell me what to do..

i've been in a relationship for 4 years.. the last year was so bad ya marwa he turned to a very weird emotionless guy.. i said the reason was that he's working in a very bad job which he hates..and he still cant find work in his career.. but the thing is i tried so hard not to let him feel this way..i encouraged him..he stopped telling me i love u or i miss u.. we took like 2 breaks but didnt work..i feel like its not about work or life problems because we both agree to get engaged after one year from now and that we both are not ready now to get engaged ..i feel that he got bored from our relationship..that he stopped loving me..that he doesnt want to be committed now.. he's like a lost person that doesnt know anything about anything..

so i told him lets break up because i know that u're no longer happy with me and i've had enough of this weird person u've became.. he told me that im right but he couldnt take that decision.. and that what's happening between us is not about love its about we've been together for so long and nothing is changing..he told me that he loved me and he still loves me ..and that he knows that what we're facing right now happens to many couples ..but he let it go simply..its like he's masada2 because im the one who said it so he wont feel guilty if he was the one to break up

he told some friend of us that he thinks its not the time to be in a realtionship ..he's in a good social category by the way..his mom and dad love me so much and treat me as his fiance..

our friend asked him what if she met someone and committed to him ..he said no she knows that no one will understand her like me and that im the one.. i dont understand what he wants..could u plz make the picture clear for me and tell me what he want or is he still in love with me or what???

aahh and he told me maybe if we got a part ..we both will figure out that we're so right for each other and that he knows that no one will understand him the way i do..

and i think this time he will be a way for along loooooooooong time
what do u think marwa????


He wants to explore the world as a single guy
He wants to date, have fun, flirt, hunt, and enjoy being single again
He does love you but his love is not as strong as his instinct for exploration
He also is taking you for granted … he feels that you are too much in love with him that you will not be able to date and move on.
I cannot tell you what to do
I can only interpret what he did

He wants to keep his options open …. and he wants to see other girls … this is something that he could not do when he was with you.

Honey .. let him go … if he is yours he will come back

and do not think now how you will react when he comes back .. we do not know when and if he comes back

We do not know who you will be at that time or who you will be with or what you will be doing

Just let him go

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