A question that every single girl asks herself

Date posted: April 25, 2010



This is the second message from this girl … she asked me to keep the first message private and I did .. please read on



Dear Marwa,

I'm sooo happy with your reply , i'm actually crying right now

I'm happy you didnt use these words

(أرضي بنصيبك )


I've heard them alot over the passed ten years .. it's not that i didnt accept what had happened cuz i have

its just that those words make me feel like i will never find the right person

i should stop dreaming !!!

although you started your letter buy saying how helpless you felt

for some reason you took some of my pain away !! not sure how ,, but i feel hope ..

feeling like a victim for so long ,, feeling violated was worse than being divorced

not understanding why a person decided to ruin my life and then having to face society on my own ,, trying to swallow my pain every time i hear other people whisper whenever i pass by ( she's extremely beautiful , but she's divorced ) , trying to cope and hide my feelings

when relatives tell me i'm not missing out on anything " who needs a lover" or , "omg enjoy your life , you dont have kids"

I know you cant offer me comforting words , just tell me this ( no pressure ) .. how can I stop wanting to be in love , get arried and have kids .. i just want to stop wanting .. it gets worse as time passes by..

I know you have other people to help ,, i know i've taken more than my time but i need you i really do ..


Hey again

I can't lie to you!

You cannot stop … it is part of human nature … we all seek to love and to be loved …

Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs starts with physiological needs (and that includes sex and giving birth)

then safety needs (and that includes having your own home/space/kingdom)

then belonging (and among a few other things, that is all about having that special someone in your life, your own kids, and little family)

then self esteem (a big part of that is about career and stuff, but another part is about being socially accepted)

and finally fulfillment (and that is about reaching your full potential … part of your potential is being a wife and a mother)

How can I tell you to get over being human?

All I can say … do what you have to do … keep going your way … until you stumble upon true love

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