In love with an atheist

Date posted: March 22, 2010


I had a friend in college and we worked together on our projects. He is half Egyptian and half Hungarian, his parents are divorced, and he does not believe in God.

I was 18 and he was 19.

He had a lot of affairs and I kept my distance.

He tried to show his love for me and for 3 years he kept pursuing me.  I have always been in love with him but I am religious and I refused to have sex with him. Now I am 23 and a few months ago he told me that he loved me and that he wanted us to get married. 

He introduced me to his mom and things were great.

Then one day he sent me an email and broke up with me. In the email he said: " You are so committed to Islam and I have no God. I am sorry to end our relationship. Forgive me. I am leaving Egypt and all my life here."

Marwa, I still love him! What do I do?


Hey hun

I will not say that you are wrong
I will not say that he is wrong

The two of you are just different

He might be a great guy
You might be a great person too

But the two of you have different beliefs

When two religious people get married … religion is their base .. this is what they refer to whenever they have an argument or fight or a problem. "God says this" or "God does not allow this" are common sentences in their everyday life. 

When two atheists get married … mind and common sense is their base. They use logic and the power of persuasion to sort out their problems.

You will never be able to use God and his commands in an argument with him .. because he does not care

He can ask you for things against your beliefs and will not understand why you are refusing them

You will have kids and they will be messed up … and you will end up being ashamed of him … and he will end up feeling superior to you .. you will see him as an unethical person and he will see you as a stupid slave to silly beliefs.

This is why he left .. and this is why you should leave too … love is not everything – as you know!

PS This would have been my reply to anyone who is a believer in religion be it Muslim, Christian, or Jewish

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