I am a fat girl!

Date posted: February 15, 2010

i heard about you from a friend who had seen your show at orbit .
it is my first time to tell my problem to any one .
i am 32 years old and i am single i am successful at work although i donot like it but i learned how to cope with it .
my problem is that i am single till now (it is not the end of the world) but i am afraid to be alone all my life .
i havenot had any relation with any man i havenot fallen in love ever i havenot gone out with a man and you can count the grooms who had came to me on the fingers of one hand . i think i donot fit to get into a relation with any person.

all the people say that i am pretty but my big problem that i am over weight and i cannot get rid of it .but over weight girls can get married and fall in love donot they ?

my mother told me that that problem is preventing me from getting married but i donot think so . poeple say that i am open minded and strong can this prevent guys from entring a relation with me .

please tell me if i have something wrong in me .


Why do you think Laila 3olwy, Elham Shahine, Magda Zaki, Nabila 3ebeid, Oprah, and many more women have fans and are considered sex idols by many men?

What is the difference between you and any of those women?

What I am trying to tell you is that if you look in the mirror and see a fat girl, you will go out and people will see a fat girl.

If you look in the mirror and see a sexy girl with curves, you will go out and people will see a sexy girl with curves.

If you look in the mirror and feel that no one will want to be with you, you will go out and push everyone away from you with you insecurity and lack of confidence.

I agree with you that some men prefer skinny women … but you have to admit that a lot of guys like girls with curves.

I prefer athletic guys but there are girls who do not have a problem with over weight guys! Same thing with men .. some of them want the model kind of looking girl but others want the full weight package.

It is all about how you see yourself … this will control the image that you project.

I want you to know that men love girls who are confident, comfortable in their own skin, and uninhibited … let your inner beauty show … this is what those women did … they fell in love with themselves .. and the whole world followed

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