Recorded Advice: Self Destruction

Date posted: June 11, 2009

hi, first thnx 4 ur time , n thnx that u hear ppl.. u know !! we all need to b heared .. anyway..gonna tell u abt it , to tell me wut to do , n how u c my way in life .. i hv a friend , she has no morals sum ethics.. u can say that her slogan z ( every thng z avialable) .. so , according to the fact that .. alws friends are the same … u can consider me like her …u can imagine how much my family n all ppl around me fighted me , to leave her .. bt alws i insisted on her .. i love her.. althu i dont trust her.. i know she can do any thng .. i dont trust her as i dont trusy my self .. this the first part v the pb .. am tired v her , n me .. u think it deserve to change? . second , i knew a guy , actully .. he was her ex.. bt i hv feelings for him ,, n he too.. .. u know how are us nw ? she knew , n cant forgive me .. he wanna to b with me .. n i wanna both v them… bt its noway.. her eyes alws remind me with my dun… bt u konw wut z the actuall pb .. inside me i know that me , her n him r  not in the right way .. n i know that he z not a gentel man .. bt i wanna him .. he z liar . , n i insist on him .. the only thng make me away .. z her , her reproch looks … tell me how u c it .. n am thankful .. that u read me mes. wud u plz , answer , on ur blog or site .. not in my e mail .. my friend had my password.


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