Recorded Advice: Money & Marriage

Date posted: June 5, 2009


History of the problem 

Hi Marwa, Hope this message finds you well ,this is the 2nd message regarding same guy yesterday he talked with me about sharing with him in home monthly expenses as follows : for example he takes X and i take Y we put X+Y then save part of it thn pay the essential items (electricity,water,..etc….after tht remain the rest for both of us)(Question is raised here: Is ths too early ?!) 1-Personally quest.: I need yr opinion ?! 2-General question: Wt about Women to share and does sharing mean to put all her salary ?! if yes wt is the best way to handle it ? يعنى بالمختصر المفيد الحياة هتمشى إزى و هل الموضوع دة هيفقده رجولته قدامى ؟؟؟ N.B: I'll let him listen to yr reply.

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