Recorded Advice: She got bored of me

Date posted: May 29, 2009

Hei marwa…i am little bit stuck here and i think you could help me.. i used to like a girl with me in college, i was really afraid that i could tell her or she might even know. we used to talk a lot, laugh a lot, tease each other a lot. then one day i thought that i should not think of her as i like her and just make her as a best friend, and i don't think she realized that i liked her. i even used to give her souvenirs or even chocolates each time i travel, but i gave it to her as a friend and she knows that. one day i was talking to her best friend and i told her that at some time i liked that girl, and told her just keep that secret for me. Nowadays i feel that she is completely changed towards me, i mean she is like i am bored from you and something like that stuff. i didn't like that change and i thought that her best friend might told her anything. now the last thing i want in this world is losing her or getting away from her, thats because she is stuck with me in the same section and i can't afford seeing her without that good smile in her face and that teasing or even talking stopped. please tell what can i do.

btw i send a sms to ure program in the radio but i didn't reach out for an answer so i thought to contact you here.
Thx a lot


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