Over reacting?

Date posted: July 1, 2009



hei marwa.. i just read the article you posted about spotless clean of me. It was really interesting. I am one of those analytical freaks, but my problem is that i sometimes go too far and too critical, and my mind just believes that it is reality. Sometimes i find out that my analysis is so true, and sometimes its not, which makes a problem for me each time i think and critically analyze junk stuff makes me scared and afraid that it is true or i am right, then act upon erroneous assumption which may put me in disasterous situations. Please tell me how can i get thru my insecurities, my critical overthinking, and get a mind power which increases my self esteem and confidence.
I have another question, I am a high giver, and lately i found that it is not a good thing to give a lot. one day, i gave a friend of me a small souvineer ( bunny key chain) and a ferrero chocolate box on her birthday,but i gave it to her as friend.  She knows that i used to like another girl and i knew that she had a boyfriend. I gave it to her because she was close to me and i felt her as a bigger sister always and a best friend and that she stood by me when i was in a bad situation. she is very open minded, now i just feel that she is taking a lot of space from me and i am afraid that it may kill the friendship just because she might think i am starting to like her because she is just sweet to me. Am i overreacting or what i did is wrong, and if i am wrong, what can i do?
Thx a lot marwa and sorry for asking a lot.


Let's agree that we are all human and that human errors are a fact … no
matter how good of an analyst you are, mistakes happen and not accepting
them is only paving the way for frustration. The only way to make such
mistakes work towards building your confidence as opposed to feeding your
insecurities is to learn from them.

As for the second half of your message .. too much is just as bad as too
little …. too much care is suffocating and a healthy relationship is built
on space where the two of you have the chance to give and express their
love. How to balance it? there is no rule … it depends on you and who your
partner is .. on your needs and the needs of your partner

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