Trying to find love in the Gulf

Date posted: July 1, 2009



hi marwa,
i don't know if this msg would find it's way to u, cuz u know that most egyptian sites doesn't give much attention to e-mails and e-queries.

anyway, let me tell u the story of some egyptian guyz (like me) in dubai.
but first, u gotta see the whole picture before jumping into the core.

people who r new to dubai thinks that it's somekinda european or north american city, well, the truth is,
it looks like one, but it isn't..
it's just another gulf city with progressive looks, and retarded interior..
unfortunately, the egyptian community here is one of the most terrible communities u might ever see..
Egyptians draw disrespect to themselves bcuz of their auwful practicies,
sometimes i'm really shy to announce that i'm Egyptian (and proud to be),
as people from other nationalities think that we r choatic, filthy and uncivilized.
well, it's true.
as most of the egyptians who live here originally grew in rural egypt (that once known for a source of good people) u can easily identify them anywhere through their noise and barbarity, ruining the serenity of the city.

as a rule, this kinda people happened to be the main reason for the state of choas that we c in egypt when we go on vaccation. and the disaster is, they think that they r the rule and civilized-people are the exception !!! and they really fight for spreading their crooked values everywhere, even here !!

well, u might ask urself, why this guy is telling me this long story ?? i know this kind of people and i really fight their thoughts everywhere..

i told u. u gotta hear this first to understand the problem..!!

there r 3 types of egyptians who come here,

typical rural egyptians come to dubai to be the الفلاح الذى بهرته أضواء المدينة and forget their origin, going wild, being distorted creature with poor english and auwful looks ( his/her definition)..
most of the time, this kind of egyptians descend into the irresponsible liberation (cuz this is the definition of civilization in their eyes).

type 2, is the rural egyptian that come here and stick to his values and perespectives and try to impose on others, ruining the image of all egyptians, confirming that egyptians r just a punch of mentaly retarded animals who only live to eat, sleep and gossip !!

type 3, is my type, those urban guyz who loves their country, but got sick of  the extreme down-slope of the life-standards back home. we came here for a better life and peace of mind, thinking that we got rid of all the negative people who control our lives in egypt. unfortunately, we were wrong !!!
cuz they also ruin our loves here !!

the core of the story is:
Is it possible to find a suitable partner in this commmunity, of course NOT.
girls descending from type 1 turn out to be lewd (they think it's civilization) and those from type 2 r more of a house-maid than a life partner, they were raised to be a creature with total dependance on their husband, they simply cancel their brains and transform into a shallow wife that gives her main attention to the kitchen and the bedroom.

girls from type 3, might represent less than 1%, which can't be easily found here. and they r abundant in egypt.

but since we live here, we have no option but to convert to type 1 egyptians and lead our lives single and liberated (u know what i mean) or get a house-maid to marry from type 2 !!
or simply shift their residence back to egypt and start searching for one (i'm about to do so)

after failure in 3 relations..i'm still struggling to find a suitable partner, but i'm really tierd of being cheated by the looks that normally hides the type 1 mentality beneath.

dunno what to say, but can u help me with this ? what to do ?
cuz i know many guyz facing the same problem here..

sorry for the Prolongation,
plz feel free to reply directly to my e-mail and thanks for ur attention.



Your analysis is very correct and yes, many young men share your dilemma.

If you left Egypt and moved to Dubai permanently then why do you insist to
marry an Egyptian? Why not meet a girl regardless of her nationality and get
to love her and marry her.

If Dubai is a phase and you will come back to Egypt, then make it sooner
than later .. give yourself a year to plan a job with a decent salary in
Egypt and a place to stay …..etc Save money and come back. You can start
looking for THE ONE after you are back once this year target is over

But you cannot have your cake and eat it …. you cannot live in Dubai and
think as if you were in Egypt looking for the same criteria as if you were
living here.

I do not think the take away bride is a good option

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