Girls: Should you make the move?

Date posted: July 1, 2009



i just wanted to ask u what to do with my problem….
i'm 23 years old now ,i have a colleague which i know him for 6 years now, i used to like the guy all this time but it was just "like" i know him yes but we have no contact ,coz i'm a little bit shy i dont deal with any guy in my uni or so,but now my problem is that i think i'm in love with him now i can see no one but him ,i'm really attracted to him and i donno what to do
i donno if he likes me or he's in love with another
i wanna talk to him and tell him but i'm not sure of the results ,i may lose his respect if i did so and even lose the "hi" he says to me every now and then.
my friends says i'm too good for him but i don't think so ,i think i dont even deserve him but my problem is that i donno what to do? should i make a move and take the risk? or just be happy with my life now

Ok … let me ask you this …. why does he not take initiative? I mean if
he knows you, sees you, says hi to you, and is supposedly interested .. why
doesn't he say anything?


actually i don't know if he's interested maybe he just think of me as a friend or something i donno
i mean maybe he's not in love with me
i donno so u think i should do nothing and wait for him to make a move? or should i forget about him and go on my life?


There is a saying that says: When there is doubt there is no doubt ….
يعنى لما تكونى شاكة فى حبه يبقى مش بيحبك
Wait but give him encouraging signs … like smiles and eye contact … like showing happiness when he says hi .. use your eyes and smile to encourage him .. if he does not say anything then move on
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