Can you get married to someone out of guilt or pity?

Date posted: June 1, 2009



hi marwa
i m in your facebook gr, i like the way u talk and use words 2 describe the relation between male and female

i just need to tell someone my though and wht im in this days

i m 27 ,,I gt engaged its been amonth nw,,he is a nice man kind full of love to me,,likes every thing in me he is hondsome one ,,u knw aly "khaled abo el naga" in saher el layaly
he reminds me of Ali ebn el nas el kewayseen,, cant find somthing wrong in him ,he  is 27 too,,but im 4 monthes older than him

i just dont love him i knw him for a year nw i agreed for the engagment ,,im doin my best but its not enough,,i knw he deserve better than me

its just i hade enough of faking and acting that i care and i love,,my face gt tierd of faking smiling

i feel sorry for him,,cos i cant give 1% of wht he is giving to me,,im nt thinking of leaving him cos i knw that i may regret it co he treats me like aqueen..ive been engaged bf to one who treated me like amaid,,

im just having this geat feeling of guilt,,he felted it too

im trying to give him wht he deserve,,and he deserve aloot

i just wanted to let it get out of my sysetm,,its the ttalk that u can't say to anyone,, cos they judge me,they will say im batbater 3ala el ne3ma, i just cant feel him i cant get the picture of him as ahusband and to have a physical relation with him

u knw wht im orried about im worried i might meet somone and wish that i have waited ,,
thx for giving me a chance to get it out,,



oh honey .. this is just sad

Who said that your options are 1) the guy who treats you like a maid and
steps all over you or 2) the guy who treats you like a queen and does not
turn you on on any level?

Who said that you have to choose one of those? What happened to the man you
want to spend the rest of your life with?

You came to me to vent but I owe it to you to tell you

1) try to find out why you are not attracted to him mentally, emotionally,
and physically
2) leave him and wait for the man you want .. he might not treat you like a
queen but at least you will feel alive, as opposed to dead,, with him

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