How can i stop loving someone and start loving my self instead?

Date posted: July 1, 2009



Dear Marwa,

Have a very nice day…….

these days, i have a very dominating question i want to ask you……..How can i stop loving someone and start loving my self instead???????

i think this is the first & the main step to get over some one we used to love….am i right???? but it is just HOW you can do it is the clue….so would you help us start loving ourselves instead of those who don't deserve our love…!!!

of course you know that despite this fact, that they don't deserve our love, yet we can't help it….

so need your help in that……….

As always, wish you the best of luck


You make a list to help you with the process

Yes .. a list

A list of the great things about you that make you worthy of the best man
God created

and another list of the things that you hate about HIM

and a list of how miserable you and your kids will be if you married him

and a list of the good guys who you might meet and never get to know because
you are still thinking of him

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