Why did he add me on facebook and why did he remove me?

Date posted: June 30, 2009



hi marwa,
i was in an event when i met this guy, we have never talked to each other, but he added me on facebook, when i asked him if i knew him, he told me that we were in that event and we go to the same college..i didnt noticed him in college b4 he told me…then we didn talk at all..it was just that messege…then i found that my frnd knows him, she started telling me about his gr8 personality and i found that we share common interestes, i noticed also that he likes to have many frns and wants to be popular!..i started to like him..and wanted to know him personally cuz i dun like the one sided relation or attraction or watever..he saw me many times in college but he didn try to talk to me..n i couldn't make the first step..actually iam not the kind of gurls who take first steps..then, lately he removed me from facebook!!!
i dun understand why he added me in the first place? why he removed me later? why he didn try to talk to me? did i misunderstand the whole story?
look he is not cute ,but we have common interestes, i want to explore him..n i just wanted to know if there was a chance even to be frns..plz make me understand his actions
i hope u make me understand how those guys think,
and by the way ,i want to know if there is alternative way of taking the first step (i konw this might be funny ) ,but it really bothers me when i cant get to know sm1 i want to



If you are sure … 100% sure … that you did not do anything silly or
stupid then here are my guesses

1) He was on the rebound (some girl dumped him) then you came along and then
he realized that he cannot do it
2) The girl who dumped him came back so he deleted you as if you never
3) He did not see the common interests that you think you have
4) He saw something on your facebook that he did not like
5) He heard something about you that scared him away
6) He thought you were too nice
7) He is just nuts

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