Recorded Advice: Should Muslims and Christians get married?

Date posted: April 24, 2009

Hi Marwa,

finally! an Egyptian girl has a voice i actually like!

I don't want to take much of your time, but i'm really interrested to know your opinion on this one.. what do you think of marriage between a muslim guy and a christian girl.. i'm not asking about religious opinions and i'm sure you were not going to give me one.. 

The givens are: we know each other too well, spent a lot of time together over a period of 6 years, travelled together, got "intimate" a lot of times, talked and disscussed a lot of issues, we fought a lot, but never broke up except for the fact we're unable to get married.. do we love each other? not enought words to cover that part but trust me yess..a mature love? yess.. mixed with a lot of really serious situations that forced us to get even a lot older than our real ages which by the way are 26 and 28.. we broke up at least 10 times calling it "a closure" but we always failed to stay away from each other.. to the extent where he got engaed twice and broke up and got back together.. i did try too.. but i can't seem to be able to move on when it comes to relationships either..
To cut it short, i strongly think that if these were the givens in a christian-christian or a muslim-muslim relationship it would have been the best match and consequently marriage. we're so compatible, i know.

question is: what do you think..

Thank you for your reply..

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