Recorded Advice: When a girl kisses a guy he leaves her

Date posted: April 17, 2009

I am really a big fan of u and adore all ur writings..
i would appreciate it if u didnt mention my name.
I have a weird problem.. that is making me really confused..
i am 22.  I know i finally met my soul mate and the love of my life. He has got all what i need in a man. i know he truely loves me.. we have been together for 5 months and he proposed and we agreed to be engaged in August. My problem is that i did let him kiss me and hug me closely just 3 days ago. I was planning that i wouldnt allow it to happen to avoid any problems and i decided to delay all sexual stuff till marriage but i couldnt resist him. I told him that i feel guilty and that we shouldn't have done it (actually i didnt feel guilty but i had to say that) he told me that what happened would never let him think less of me and that i am the love of his life and he is serious about the relationship.. he also mentioned that if a man was serious about a relationship whether these things happened or not he would still be serious and if he want serious about the relationship from the start still these things wouldnt matter whether they happened or not he would still be unserious.. i told him we will never kiss again till we get married for god to bless us in our relationship.. he told me that he will do whatever would please me.. but i know that when i meet him next time i wouldnt resist hugging him close to me and kissing him.. I feel i am really confused with 2 charachter. i am telling him words that i dont really mean like when i told him i felt guilty. i really didnt. why should i lie to the person i love? at the same time i am afraid that deep inside him he would have a narrow mind that would tell him that i was easy to get or anything like that :S i am really confused. i never want to do anything that would make me loose him but i just cant resist his love


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