The Statue

Date posted: August 3, 2008

Standing tall on a pedestal so high 
Judged or crowned with your every sigh 
Shivering in the cold.. all alone 
Taking the heat.. your sins I atone 
Facing the wind or leaving a mark 
Hiding the cracks in the dark 
Raising a torch.. hailing the sun 
Dear man.. put down your gun 
The statue of liberty I am.. for liberty is my cause. 

Posing in a secret garden of pleasure 
I see you eyeing my hidden treasure 
Staring at my sculpture whenever you can 
Bragging that you are not my fan 
Forgetting that I am for real 
Forgetting… how real I am 
Reaching out to you.. please let me be 
Reaching out to you.. oblivious you are to me 
I am Aphrodite… kneel before me. 

Abandoned in a crowded square 
Watching common brown birds circling my hair 
The crows I scare away 
The vultures are here to prey 
Tired of their shrieks I turn a deaf ear 
Their dump and dung I know I fear 
Observing them as they come and go 
Writing the end of the men I know 
I am just a statue in a story 
Turn the page.. this is my glory.

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