The Washing Machine

Date posted: July 27, 2008

A washing machine I am; 
come touch my buttons 
and see me spinning. 

Shirts, pants, undies, and more; 
get that sock off the floor; 
you are all but one when the night befalls. 

Big or small; 
size doesn't matter; 
it always has a stain. 

Colored or plain; 
they always complain 
about the suds or the care. 

Watch my door open 
only to close again; 
let me wash away your pain. 

Who cares who's inside; 
I will be empty again. 
Are you leaving while I am spinning? 

I am the washing machine. 
I am full! I am loaded! 
I have had it! 

Let me tell you this and mark my words; 
Life revolves around me, 
it only stops when I cease to be!

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