#Jan25 #Egypt Where are the pro-Mubarak demonstrators coming from?

Date posted: February 3, 2011


Where are the pro-Mubarak demonstrators coming from?
I am not talking about thugs! I am not talking about those who invaded Tahrir square on camels and horsebacks! I am talking about your everyday Egyptians who were chanting pro-Mubarak slogans In Mohandeseen and Tahrir!
Mubarak’s regime is fully aware of the importance of the end of the month for every Egyptian; it’s payday! Many Egyptian employees and pensioners have been hit hard by the standstill that the country has come to in the past week. The regime took advantage of those people and this is a testimony from one of those employees about what happened in their company:
“The owner of a media buying and selling company that has exclusive rights to advertising on a group of renowned Egyptian TV channels owned by the head of one of the oldest opposition parties in Egypt – that owner in coordination with that opposition figure brought the company employees to the office yesterday, paid them in cash a down payment from their salaries, and ordered them to get on buses heading to Mohandeseen to demonstrate in favor of President Mubarak”
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