Identity Magazine: Special Coverage – Interview with Mina Zekri #Jan25 #Egypt

Date posted: March 15, 2011


Identity Magazine: Marwa Rakha's Special #Jan25 Revolution Coverage

March/April 2011

Mina Zekri – An Egyptian Blogger living in Sweden


I was not physically there but every inch of my existence ached when I was watching the videos of Egyptian protesters being killed by live ammunition or were crushed under police trucks! That was horrible it made me cry like crazy! I was tweeting on my behalf of Egyptians when they were disconnected from the world; I wanted the whole world to see what an oppressive regime we have! I shared pictures and stories from the “battlefield” and my role was to give support when people almost lost hope!

I was so happy when I saw the pictures of Copts guarding Muslims while they prayed and it was fantastic to see a Christian pastor praying for Egypt while hundred thousands of Muslims cry loud AMEN! Unbelievably hilarious!

Happiest moment though was when “Omar Silly Man” declared the defeat of the regime and that Mubarak is now the former president. [Laughter] how I love this word "former president"!

I learned that people are to be trusted; it is the Egyptian people who made the revolution not the elite and this is so important. I expect a real change in Egypt but it will be a process that will take some time of course, most importantly is that we can dream big and that our dreams from now on can come true.

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