Date posted: March 31, 2011




March 31, 2011

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Cairo, Egypt

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Abudawood Training Center chose three young aspiring authors from Marwa Rakha’s Free Publishing Online Initiative and sponsored their books. Each book was sponsored by LE 5000 that will be split between the author and the publisher. The books were also uploaded on Abudawood Training Center website ( for free download by its visitors.


Abudawood Training Center was inaugurated in April 2010 after a memorandum of understanding was signed in 2009 between the training center represented by Sheikh Osama Abudawood and King Abdulaziz University Represented by Dr. Abdulrahaman Al Youbi. Abudawood Training Center aims at positively impacting today's students who are the future generation of managers, executives, and businessmen by providing them with the necessary skills in their personal and professional lives.


In September 2009, Marwa Rakha’s Free Online Publishing initiative was launched on to support aspiring authors who are continuously abused by publishing houses – without necessarily adopting their thoughts. Abudawood Training Center chose three personal development books; the first book is called “A Company Called ME” by Rasha Khalifa about entrepreneurship, resume-writing tips, and interview advice. The second book is called “Avoid them and Decide for yourself” by Mohamed Adel Abdel Aziz where he gives great decision-making tips. The third book is called “Your Life Dynamics” by Ahmed Rafik and he talks about setting goals for yourself, managing interviews, and developing your skills to satisfy the needs of the job market.


Sheikh Osama Abudawood says that “Abudawood Training Center is looking forward to training one million students in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, and Pakistan within the coming 5 years.”




Sheikh Ismail Abudawood Trading Company (IATCO) joined forces with Logic Consulting and Zedny Team to form Abudawood Training Center. The center aims at providing a variety of workshops and programs to help youth and students qualify for a competitive workplace and a demanding job market.

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