It’s not really never too late! – By Hala Mohamed

Date posted: October 25, 2011





My mind is filled up with so many ideas, ideas that would cover a numerous number of pieces. The most interesting ones hit me when I am on bed, literally, begging sleep to take over. Some hit me when I am studying, which I find pretty normal. Others hit me when I am on my way to this or that errand. Believe it or not … I spoke to myself in a loud voice once, on the street; that I got an "You're talking to yourself! Are you crazy?" Some hit me when I am having an exam; I remember when my mind just got locked on a Sales Management exam; when my parents' divorce's notion just took over! Others hit me when I am praying!


When I am studying, I find this or that idea just popping up to my mind. A writer would just grab a pen and a piece of paper, and starts to write down the points of their upcoming piece.


But this is not [always] the case. I just put the material I am studying aside. I get a piece of paper; and certainly; I use a pen; other than the one I was using while I was studying Cost Accounting, so as the sense of guilt would not take over! (Like it wouldn't anyways!) And I end up with a great piece. I believe I can make a perfect well written peice, only when I follow my subconscious; when I just start writing once an idea hits me!


No wonder my parents' divorce's piece was so emotional! It was written on Friday, Jaunary 28th, 2011 … an unforgettable day.


I have no idea why writing has become my passion, I believe if I could explain "why", then it cannot be some kind of passion! I just love the mystery of it.


A couple of days ago, I was searching for my favorite pen, when I saw some drawings of mine!

They were very neat and clean; my lower jaw could not maintain to stay in place when I saw the dates on the back of them! They were dated 1993, 1994, 1995 till 1998! It was my mother's handwriting! I felt nostaligic.


They were amazing. I loved my lines and my taste of colours, then!

Now it's 2011; I am 20, I don't think I can actually draw again. It's been so long since I last held a pencil to draw. I don't think, now, I can maintain clean lines to get an "appropriate" tree. The faces I drew had no noses or eyebrows! They are so simple; that I don't think I can draw such beautiful faces again! I got misty eyes.


I don't know why and when I stopped drawing. I wish I hadn't. I was pretty good at it.

God, just the thought of a brand new Canson sheet, and a sharpened HB pencil makes me very nervous.

I know artists can relate to what I am saying.


I don't want to witness the day when I have to choose between a pen and a pencil!


Whatever you like … just stick to it and do your best at it.

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