Date posted: January 10, 2013


Published in Identity magazine – Decemebr 2012


100 Days of Morsi!

On the 30th of June, 2012 President Mohamed Morsi was sworn in infront of the Supreme Constitutional Court where he pledged loyalty to the republican system, to honor the constitution, to respect the law, to look after the interests of the Egyptian people, and to preserve the integrity and the sovereignty of the country. In his electoral campaign, Morsi set a 100 day program of improvements in the areas of security, traffic, bread, cleanliness, and fuel.

According to, 10 out of 64 promises have been fulfilled, 24 out of 54 promises are in progress, and Morsi has achieved 39% satisfaction on his achievements so far.



The president's achievements include cracking down on fuel smugglers, providing waste disposal services for reasonable fees, using radio reports to decrease traffic congestion, and increasing the nutritional value of bread   while subsidizing bakeries for potential crises.


Hello! My name is Marwa, I am Egyptian and I am not one of them!

We have always known that there are dark creatures living in tunnels of their own – regardless of their name – their raison d'etre is women! They wake up in the morning and go to bed every night with one dominant thought: how can we further oppress women? Since July 1st 2012 those creatures crawled into our lives, seeped through our TV screens, and took their seats in the constituent assembly and began writing the Egyptian constitution! Every now and then they would kindly share a draft with the Egyptian people! They seem to be consumed with desire! Those dark lustful creatures have fantasies that would put The Hugh Hefner to shame!

Little girls with luscious bodies who just hit puberty dressed up in white gowns and lace to be their lawfully wedded wives! Untouched virgins sold to the highest bidders in geisha-like ceremonies! Women and girls joyfully waiting upon their merciful master who would not hesitate to lovingly whip them every once in a while to "set them straight"! Women draped in black with lurking eyes craving recognition walking up and down the streets like wailing trees on two feet! Just think of those dark creatures salivating all over their beards as they think of clauses to add to the Egyptian constitution!

It seems that with the election of the Egyptian president, dwellers of the dark dungeons of the human psyche came to power and, unfortunately, the president has done little to support freedom and justice – pun intended! Every one is a self-proclaimed defender of virtue! Six months of continuous offences against the dignity of the human being! Six months of playing God!


Censorship and Clamp Down on Freedoms!

No more Porn for Egypt!

Counselor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud Attorney General, decided to block all pornographic sites on the Internet. Egyptians are among the world's top consumers of porn! That's a fact and no law could change that! The thought of censoring anything online or in print is despicable! People have the right to choose for themselves! The role of the all-knowing father is as ancient as the demise of Christianity in Europe!

Bands with a License Only!

Mohamed Al Sawy of The Cultural Wheel decided to prohibit bands from performing unless they are licensed! Sounds like prostitution, doesn’t it? Mr. Former Minister of Culture, sir! All musicians and artists have the right to be heard and the audience has the right to choose its bands! There is no such thing as decent or indecent art! Decency is in the eyes of the beholder, sir!

Naughty Media Boys!

Al Fara3een channel is taken off air and Tawfik Okasha spends 4 months in prison for … insulting the president!

Dream TV Channels were taken off air for offending/attacking/criticizing the president!

Bad Google!

A group of people file a lawsuit asking to ban Google from Egypt and compensate one billion offended Muslim with two billion dollars! They are angry because some nobody in the US made a sleazy movie about Islam! Now he is famous and Muslims are a bunch of emotional irrational angry savages exactly as he portrayed them in his movie! Humph!

More Gagging!

Why was Abla El Rowainy forbidden to write her usual column in Al Akhbar newspaper? Why was the editor of chief of Al Dostor Newspaper tried for "insulting the president? Was were copies of his newspaper confiscated?

New crimes have been added to the "insulting the president" offence! Contempt of Religion and Insulting Egypt's Judiciary!


Two Coptic boys – 9 and 10 – are in juvenile detention in the village of Ezbet Marco, south of Cairo on charges that they defiled the pages of a Koran!


A pregnant Christian teacher spent a night in custody because an absent student accused her of insulting Islam!


Reem Maged, Hala Sarhan, Sherif Amer, are Lubna El Asaly just a few name of the 1000 plus journalist  and state TV hosts facing charges that have been filed by judges accusing them of defaming the judiciary!


This is just insane!


President Morsy's speech in the UN: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi urges the U.N. to consider cracking down on expression that defames religions, and he outlines ambitions for his country's influence in the Mideast.


Just for the record! Only obnoxious dictators send people to jail for bad-mouthing them! In a public post such as yours – nothing is personal even insults!




Sexual Harassment!

Eman of Assuit! The young veiled Muslim girl who refused to be sexually harassed and ended up shot!

Girls got harassed en mass again in Eid! They went out in groups for protection and once again they were humiliated and assaulted in their own country!

What is the draft for the law against sexual harassment doing in the cabinet's drawers? Until when will Egypt be renowned for filthy men who intimidate females?

Is that the plan? Scare women off the streets? Well! It ain't gonna happen suga! Women will get more violent and more ferocious in defending their right to privacy of their genitals when they walk in the street!



Niqabi teacher in Luxor cuts a lock of two girl's hair in school because they refused to put on a veil!

Male teacher rapes his six year old student inn Aswan!

Engineer rapes girls in an orphanage in Cairo!

Teacher punishes kids by dropping them off the school bus in the desert – private school in Cairo!

Minister of Education is pro corporal punishment in schools!

Dear Mr. President! I am not discussing poor curriculums now! Those are basics! No parent has such horror crimes in mind when sending their child to school!



Summer 2012: Repetitive power and water cuts allover Egypt!

1000 people poisoned because they drank tap water in a village in Monofeya!

Rodents and vermin found home in Egyptian streets and neighborhoods! Garbage attack!

Egyptians literally waste away as they spend at least 4 hours in traffic everyday! That was another one of the 100 day to do list!

Add to that people dying on the road in car accidents, microbuses falling into canals, and trains crashing into one another! The most tragic incident of which took place in Upper Egypt in Assuit where more than 50 students were minced in a crash between a train and their school bus! At first their families were given LE 5000 as a compensation but later on, in a PR stunt, Morsi announced that going rate for the martyrs is LE  30,000!

I am fully aware that no human being is capable of turning around a country with as much failed systems as Egypt but you and your team are really trying in the wrong direction! I would also like to seize the opportunity to thank you for the relatively cheap mango!


Freedom and Justice are highly missing under the roof of the Freedom and Justice President!

Bishoy Kamel: Six years in prison!

The teacher from Sohag is accused of posting cartoons on Facebook that allegedly defame Islam, Prophet Muhammad, and Egypt's first Islamist president!

Albert Saber: Detained, Tortured, and Humiliated!

When his mother called the police because thugs were threatening to burn their house down, the police arrested him for blasphemy and insulting religions!

Dear President Morsi! Atheism is not a crime!

Takadom El Khatib!

Searched, detained, tortured, and threatened by police officers in an unlawful arrest!

A committee member, Takadom El-Khatib, was travelling from Cairo to Qena by bus when it was stopped at a checkpoint. Two policemen entered the bus and treated the passengers in a reportedly "inappropriate" way. El-Khatib was then arrested and beaten at a police station

El Nadeem Center report!

A report issued by El-Nadeem Centre for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture details cases of torture and abuse cases that occurred during President Morsy’s first 100 days in office.

The report published 88 torture cases that occurred in police stations and in citizens’ houses. Thirty-four deaths, as a result of police officers using firearms or torture in police stations, prisons and streets, were also listed in the report. El-Nadeem confirmed that prior to releasing the report, the centre assigned a working group in order to verify and validate cases included.



Bishop says police failed to protect church land from Salafi attack!

A number of Salafis trespassed onto a plot of land owned by the Shubra al-Kheima archdiocese Monday and turned it into a mosque! They placed a sign on the building saying, ‘Ebad al-Rahman Mosque!


Forced Evacuation!

In a couple of months, Copts were forcibly evacuated from their homes in Dahshour and Rafah!

Coptic 14 year old girl, Sarah Ishak was abducted by a salafi guy, converted to Islam, and married off!

Here is a copy of the statement issued by the Salafist Front on October 28, warning human rights organizations, especially the National Council for Women, not to attempt to return Sarah to her family, as she has converted to Islam and married a Muslim man. They said "Attempts of the church and human rights organizations to put pressure on the Interior Ministry to return the girl is rejected in form and substance, confirming that the girl has full freedom to convert to Islam and have full freedom to marry as long as 'she has reached puberty and can withstand marriage with its consequences and responsibilities.' 

Dear Mr. Morsi! Non Muslims of any religion or of no religion are rightful citizens! They do not deserve charity rights or breadcrumbs citizenship!



Here are a few headlines to explain what I mean by terrorism under Morsi's rule!

"Morsi's pardon of 26 Islamists suggests where his sympathies still lie"

"Egyptian President Morsi pardoned hateful, evil cleric, Wagdi Ghoneim, a terrorist who incite others to kill Christians, Jews, and secular Muslims"

"Just days after the attack on the United States Embassy in Cairo, Egyptian President Morsi made it abundantly clear that he intends to follow his Islamist agenda by freeing the notorious terrorist, Mostafa Hamza."

"Mohamed Morsi issues wholesale pardon for political protesters"


This last headline should have been  good news but as activist Mona Seif put it:

"Unfortunately this pardon is limited to those arrested for supporting the revolution and consequently will not include those arbitrarily arrested and tried during the first months of the uprising on charges of breaking curfew, weapon or drug possession. 1000 to 2000 Egyptians are currently serving sentences from military tribunals; the vast majority of which may not fall within the remit of the pardon!"



Salafis gone mad!

One day a salafi guy in Suez want to use the bathroom in some restaurant! The owner refused! An hour later 30 salafis attacked the man, attempted to cut his hand and tongue for insulting a reverend figure of Islam!

Another day a salafi guy was on TV and decided that it was time the pyramids and all monuments were demolished the same way his fellow salafis blew up the Buddha statue! I seriously have no clue what this guy was on!

One night in the city of Menya a group of people threw what they called "unity festival" in celebration of the unity between Muslims and Christians in Menya! Guess what? A salafi goup disrupted the event and had it called off because they considered it some sort of missionary activity promoting Christianity through the use of hymns!

The vice president of the Salafi Dawah, Yasser Borhamy, said the interest on the IMF loan Egypt is set to receive does not involve usury, a practice prohibited in Islam. He said they were administrative fees!

Add to that the abduction of the 14 year old girl and the attack on the church land mentioned above! Don’t forget Sheikh Khaled Abdallah and Sheikh Abu Islam who starred in the real anti Islam movie!

Sheikh Abdallah Badr has been obsessed with actress Elham Shahin; he attacked her several times on air calling her all sorts of names and finally he printed obscene photos, that are supposedly from her movies, and distributed them in court!


One Stupid Movie!

Sheikh Khaled Abdallah found an obscure, badly-made film on the internet called the Innocence of Muslims that has been online since July but nobody had paid attention to it until the Sheikh broadcasted bits of it on his show!


Within hours his salafi followers and viewers were burning US flags in Tahrir square and in front of the US Embassy!


To add fuel to the fire, Sheikh Abu Islam ripped a copy of the bible to pieces and set it on fire right in front of the embassy amidst the angry mob!


My dear president! Why didn't you address the nation then? Why didn’t you talk some sense into those blind people? Why is this Sheikh Khaled guy free? Why is he still allowed to spread his malice? Why isn’t he is prison for insulting Christians? Why was he never charged with inciting against seculars, Copts, Jews, and Bahaa'is? Why is Albert Saber in jail and Bishoy Kamel serving sentence while this Abu Islam guy is free?

Why are Islamists putting pressure on the UN to criminalize contempt of Islam when so many Muslims contempt everyone who is different that they are on daily basis?


The Most Powerful Man in Egypt!

In a commentary following his decree on 22 November, 2012, CNN said that President Morsi just made himself the most powerful man in Egypt!

He issued a declaration immunizing his decrees from challenge and seeking to protect the work of the constituent assembly drafting the new constitution. The declaration also requires a retrial of those accused in the Mubarak-era killings of protesters, who had been acquitted, and extends the mandate of the constituent assembly by two months. Additionally, the declaration authorizes Morsi to take any measures necessary to protect the revolution. Liberal and secular groups walked out of the constitutional constituent assembly because they believed that it would impose strict Islamic practices, while Muslim Brotherhood backers threw their support behind Morsi.


Dear President Morsi! Checkmate! You have left yourself no graceful exit this time! If you follow through with your declaration, you will suffer a horrible death and if you swallowed your words, you will lead a horrible life!


The Islamic State of Egypt!

Egypt Air allows veil-wearing stewardesses!

For the first time, veiled TV presenter on channel one!

Officers are demonstrating to be allowed to grow their beards!

According to the constitution's drafts that we have seen, girls will be married off once they have hit puberty!

Salafi protesters are eager to see hands cut off, heads chopped away, and women stoned to death!

Niqabi women attack women showing their hair, beat them up and cut or burn their hair!

Kafr El Sheikh Governorate has totally fallen under siege of the Muslim Brotherhood! When people protested, the military let their dogs loose! Dogs!

In compliance with Hassan El Banna's 50 point manifesto, the government decided to force Egyptians to go to bed by 10pm by closing down shops, restaurants, and coffee shops! The officials said that it was an attempt at energy conservation but in reality they wanted to give people the chance to sleep early to be able to pray at dawn and go to work refreshed and alert! Egyptians refused! It was as simple as that!


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