From Jennifer Anderson to Marwa Rakha

I started writing because I needed a voice; I needed to vent, breathe, and detox.
My first article was published in March 2005 in Egypt's Insight and was signed by Jennifer Anderson.
Jenny was a figment of my imagination; I created her and hired her to be my spokesperson. I was too hurt to talk and way too broken to write, so I decided to let Jenny express my anger, my pain, my love, my hope, and my worst fears.
Just as much as any female in our society, I needed her strength and determination. With her foreign name, daring views, transparency, openness, and sarcasm Jenny stole my spot under the sun and turned me – reality – into a pale shadow of herself.
In December 2006, after a ferocious battle with Jenny over a man, I realized that unless I had the courage to speak up for myself, I would always need to be Jenny and I would always be kept in the dark.
Marwa Rakha was born in January 2007.