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#Jan25 #Egypt مطالب ثورة الشعب و المطالبة باستقلال الاعلام على قناة الحرة – مروة رخا

#Jan25 #Egypt مطالب ثورة الشعب و المطالبة باستقلال الاعلام على قناة الحرة - مروة رخا

مداخلة تليفونية لمروة رخا على قناة الحرة و حوار عن تغطية اعلام النظام المخجل لأحداث ثورة الشعب المطالبة باستقلال الاعلام عن النظام نقلا عن مدونة وائل نوارة: مطالب ثورة الشعب... (Continue reading)

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Egypt: Khaled Said – An Emergency Murder by An Emergency Law

Khaled Said, a 28-year-old Egyptian from the coastal city of Alexandria, was allegedly tortured to death at the hands of two officers who wanted to search him under the emergency law. He asked for a reason or a warrant -... (Continue reading)

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Egypt: A fine line between patriotism and chauvinism

Alaa Mubarak, the Egyptian President's eldest son, turned into a national hero when he called live on TV and beat the drums of war. From the President's son to renowned actors and actresses, media figures, writers, and Facebook users, fury has... (Continue reading)

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Egypt: Nidal Hassan – Psychiatrist or Psychotic?

Major Nidal Hassan is the US military psychiatrist of Arab origins who recently went on ashooting rampage at Fort Hood in Texas, killing 12 soldiers and one civilian. He is now facing charges of premeditated murder. "Psychiatrist or Psychotic?", ask... (Continue reading)

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Egypt: A New Presidential Candidate in the Making

In September 2005 Ayman Nour of Al Ghad Party and No'man Goma'a of New Wafd Partynominated themselves against President Hosni Mubarak. Nour was charged with fraud and Goma'a was accused of insanity! Since 2000, Gamal Hosni Mubarak has the... (Continue reading)

Egypt on Fire: The Gloves and The Invisible Hand

On Thursday November 6th when Egyptians were celebrating Obama's Victory, Al Ghad Party went up in flames. You can read about the initial blogosphere reactions here and here. Today I am sharing with you Wael Nawara's statements regarding the incident.... (Continue reading)

Al Ghad Party – Another fire in Egypt

Al Ghad, Ayman Nour's Party headquarters burnt down one day before their general assembly. According to blog reports, thugs burnt down the building and hampered firemen's efforts to put the fire out. In addition to losing their headquarters, the political... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Who are those People … in the People’s Assembly?

In the aftermath of the Egyptian Parliament going up in flames, people's reactions ranged from utter shock, sadness, to gloating. Wael Nawara conducted an independent poll asking bloggers, readers, and Egyptian internet users to answer the following question: Does the... (Continue reading)

Egypt: A Man’s Views on Sexual Harassment in Egypt

In a series of posts tackling sexual harassment in Egypt, Marwa Rakha sheds light on a male Egyptian blogger's interpretation of what is really happening on the ground. "The Sex Files," by blogger Wael Nawara presents a rather interesting perspective... (Continue reading)

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Hail thee Ostrich Land – new Egyptian media censorship law coming up!

Hail thee Ostrich Land - new Egyptian media censorship law coming up!

I got an email from my friend Tamer El Meehy saying "Do something!" as he forwarded me a copy of the draft of the new Egyptian law of audio-visual transmission and monitoring the internet. In plain English, Egyptian Big Brother... (Continue reading)

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