He is not making any effort

Date posted: July 1, 2009



 iam in love with someone who doesn't care about me at all he doesn't know what i love and what i hate he doesn't even make any effort to know he can not calling me all the day and at the end he calls to say that he is so tired and wants 2 sleep he is a policeman..but i know that he loves me he becomes very angry if i don't call him alot and when i tell him that i want to be away for a few days he refuses and cry alot untill i forgive him for what he did he knows other girls as his friends i told him not to know them but he behaves like i said nothing when we r out i tell him that i want to pay he accepts he doesn't understand me at all when w r fighting about anything but sometimes he treats me well i feel that he is acting like that bcoz he has a problem with his father and he did'nt give me my birthday party but i did't tell him anything he is not jealous of anyone i told him about but he doesn't like me to talk to anyone of my cousins i can't understand him if i sleep without calling him he becomes very upset even if i told him that i did'nt hear my phone he never calls me back the other day untill i cry then he fogives me i can't leave him bcoz he really can't live without me i've tried alot he can't do anything without me but when iam with him he doesn't treat me as i deserve what can i do???????



Do you love yourself?

If the answer is yes then do not accept any treatment that makes you feel
bad, sad or humiliated. Imagine that you are me .. and imagine that your
daughter sent me this email … imagine that your daughter came to you with
this problem .. what would you tell her?

I guess you would tell her

انا خلفتك و ربيتك على ان يكون عندك كرامة و عزة نفس و دا وقت كرامتك و عزة

plus if you do not respect yourself then why would he respect you?

I am not telling you leave him .. I am telling you
خدى موقف

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