Not a man yet?

Date posted: June 30, 2009



hiiiii how ru ? im one of ur big fan in this group n its idea really nice
my troubl is that im 22 years old beatiful girl im not saying that becuz im talking about my self but every one can notic im attractive n special n iknow that… my dad is such an important person in my college..n inspite of all these advantages my relationships with boys are so limted n i never full in love with person i talked with always i feel i can control this gye n i can discover his lies so at once i just tell him that hes funy cuz hes lieing beside in our college the r sooo close minded n u can say they r beldi n i tried 2 connect with them but i couldnt becuz that s impossible we re from different worlds n many gool ppl. now left iraq n i don t like 2 introduce ppl. by chat cuz chat contain many lies…this year i decide not 2 have eye contact with any one but!! there was someone who s older than me one year ,quit used 2 look 2 me but all these years past he just looking 4 a while like a month n then leave it but this year after 3 years he just trying 2 get my attenton so i said 2 my self may be hes the one but when i just begin 2 look at him he just return afriad n made himself not caring inspite all of his tryment 2 get my attention this year like singing in the college of club in my name n now he told all his frnds about i can c in thier looking n shouting on him n laughs when i pass but yes. was the last dany in college i was so nice looking n he just tried 2 ignor me n i watched him looking at me behind a tree plz tell me what can i do with all these troubls i just feel im a user i want my family 2 satisfy on me n not doing anything can hurt my dad reputation but how n im still not luving any one that make me lostttttttttttttttttttttttt



There is nothing wrong with you … absolutely nothing … you are pretty
and smart but you have not met the right guy yet. All the guys your
mentioned sound like kids not men …. you need a man … and when you start
working and dealing with people you will meet your man .. a man who will not
be afraid to tell you the he loves you and will do whatever it takes to make
you happy … this is the man you should wait for .. not a kid who cannot
face the fact that he has feelings for you

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