Recorded Advice: How do I fix it?

Date posted: May 21, 2009

 Hi Marwa.. how are you ?

I have a problem wih my 1 year and a half fiance.. we've had this enormus fight where I have really said awful stuff that have hurt his feelings big time. He wanted to break up with me but my parents helped reconsile us back together. However, he went away for 10 days with his friends to King Maruit  (we live in Alex) leaving his house ( he lives alone coz his parents have passed away) claiming that King Maruit is closer to his work in Borg Elarab as well as wanting a break and some change. 

After ten days, on a weekend we met and all is good, we went out but I could still feel he isn't back to the same place he was in the relationship, he still holds a grudge for what I said. I am not sure if his friends have influenced him into that attitude or it's his decision, but either way it's ok coz he is still angry.

My problem is, he still wants to go back to Mariut on the week days, as "it's closer to work and I am better off that way" I am kind of worried that it will grow on him to be away from me for such long periods, and I also kind of insecure about the idea of a gazillion single guys in a villa alone, what the heck are they doing? they are not all married or in relationships so sneaking in some ladies would be a possibility. I know i sound insecure and jealous which I am but it's ok as long as he doesn't know it!
now what do I do? do I tell him that I am not comfortable with the idea of him being so far during weekdays… or should try to be extra sweet to make him regret being away from me for so long! or do you have any better solution?

I am worried coz " out of sight is out of heart" is that saying true anyways?
thanks for your time dear

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