Recorded Advice: Lovers or friends?

Date posted: April 29, 2009

dear marwa

am from sudan

iam 16 years old i saw you on shbab-beek and since then i became a huge fan of you any way i'll get straight to my problem well there is a guy whom i have a huge crush on him this  guy is my best freind's brother this is not the problem she knows that and she thinks that he has acrush on me also but am not sure if he has a crush on me or not till now we are just freinds ( i think) he calls me and we chat together once he told me that he misses his ex girlfreind and so on i.e we are pretty good freinds but there is a problem my other best best best freind told me that once she saw him looking at an inappropriate places of my body and once she found sex videos in his cell phone so here are my questions do you think he had a crush on me and when he told me about his ex was he just telling me his feelings or he wanted me to be jelous and what shall i do shall i ignore everything and just put it behind my back coz except that he is an amazing freind or shall i ignore him but i cant and ARE WE FREINDS OR MORE OR LESS please please help me


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