Date posted: July 27, 2008


With the power of my thoughts I summoned you; 
With a blink I made you vanish.
On a dark trip your spirit shall wander
and as it gets darker you shall believe in me.
Ungrateful creature, I am your heaven and haven; 
Ingratitude is a sin, and sinners live an eternity in hell.
In mazes of confusion your spirit shall wander; 
In utter darkness demons of the past shall haunt you; 
Of happiness you are incapable
then you shall dwell in misery and isolation.
Have I not tried to befriend you? 
Have I not held you and healed you? 
But alas, you are just another ungrateful creature; 
Reside in darkness and dwell in fear.. I thee curse.
Know me or know me not… I am a collector; 
for when you were not looking, 
in your core, I planted my seed.
Before you know it, 
I shall grow in your soul
like a leafy tree of a hundred years.
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