ANNOUNCEMENT: Marwa Rakha gets a Life-Coach!

Date posted: January 2, 2011


My dear readers and site visitors,

Dear media members,

I would like to announce the partnership between and Psychopolis! The 1st of January, 2011 marks the beginning of the fruitful cooperation between Marwa Rakha, as an Egyptian relationships and dating writer, and Mohamed Hamza, therapist and life-coach. The purpose of this partnership is to provide you my dear reader and site visitor with professional psychological assistance.

I have been receiving numerous requests from people who wanted to meet me or call me regarding their challenges and I have repeatedly stated that I am neither a life-coach nor a therapist, and that I am not qualified to conduct therapeutic sessions of any sort. I am a writer who mainly capitalizes on my personal experiences and my own sense of analysis to guide you through turbulent times. I will continue to write, and I will continue to respond to your emails, but if you feel that you need professional help and regular supervision, please get in touch with my new success partner – PSYCHOPOLIS!


Psychopolis Life Counseling Center, Inc. was started by Alexander graese, M.D. and Mohamed Hamza, therapist & life coach who both wanted to create a place where those seeking emotional wellness would receive high-quality care in a respectful and nurturing environment, while approaching each situation in a timely manner. Their goal is to assist individuals, couples, and families in achieving balance and well-being.

I wish you all a happy healthy peaceful new year!


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