Date posted: May 15, 2009

Dear MAN

I look at you 
and I see greatness
for in your eyes I see the strength of a Pharaoh
and the depth of a legend.

I rest my face 
in the palm of your hand 
to lose my worries in the comfort of your embrace
and to sink my burdens in your serenity.

Listening to you talk 
feeds my dreams
and dreaming of you 
warms my wandering soul.

Look at my face and how it lit up 
when I laid eyes on you. 
Look at my eyes 
and watch me come back to life.

I summoned you with the power of my thoughts 
like a hermit praying for absolution. 
I uttered silent prayers and recited my holly psalms 
to show you the way to my heart.

I laid down my scepter 
I took off my crown
I gave up my power
for in sacred submission I have given myself to you.

My dear Man,

You might not have the most paying job, 
the fanciest car, 
the biggest house, 
or the most loaded bank account.

You might not be the most intellectual, 
the brightest, 
the wittiest,
or the most eloquent.

You might not be the most handsome, 
the sexiest, 
the funniest,
or the most committed.

But, your love, hug, touch, voice, thoughts, and jokes are right
Your aura just feels right.
You feel right. 
I feel right around you.

You might not be the one who loved me the most. 
I know that you might not be the best 
but I want you to know that 
you are the right one.

Yours truly,

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