Ask Marwa: My BF waxes his Legs!

Date posted: April 11, 2013

Published in Identity Magazine – April 2013


Dear Marwa,
I have been with my boyfriend for 8 months now, and just recently we went away for the first time together, which got me to witness some of his daily routines that he goes through. Now I’m not sure if I’m over reacting or over analyzing things, but I believe he is too well aware of his feminine side or at least more aware of it than I am of mine. He has a morning 30 minute facial routine, I have never seen him in shorts and when I did I realized he actually waxes his legs. Spends at least 45 minutes fixing his hair, and do not get me started on settling for an outfit bonanza, he can try on at least 4 different outfits that all look pretty damn fine to me. I don’t know how I feel about the lip balm usage and hand cream that is in his back pocket 24/7, but please tell me is this normal or am I just losing my mind over something most men do but never share.

Dear Reader

Let's agree on a few points before I start addressing your particular issue

1)      When two people come together in a relationship, their habits, routines, and whole baggage of insecurities comes along with them.

2)      There are some things that a man and a woman will never know about one another unless they live together for quite some time.

3)      "The Other" is usually irritating on one or more levels.

4)      It is always difficult to adapt to "the other" or fit your routines together.

5)      The older you grow the more difficult it is to accept "the other" in a relationship.

Now that you have experienced living with your boyfriend up-close and personal, it is totally up to you to accept or reject his habits and routine. I will only give you a few pointers to help you make up your mind.

1)      One of the reasons you got attracted to him in the first place was his neat clean look. This comes with regular maintenance – being a woman, you know what it takes to look good.

2)      There is something called "metro-sexual man" … not homosexual! Your guy is one of those! He invests time and money into his appearance and hygiene!

3)      Acceptable or disgusting is truly a matter of taste! A man who waxes his back was once frowned upon; now it is truly appreciated! Maybe waxing legs is in these days! Who knows what's next!

4)      Most men are not like that! Most men leave their armpits and genitals unshaved and sometimes smelly! Most men do not pluck the hair out of their nose or ears either!

If you decide to stay with him and appreciate his "attention to details", you might want to ask him to decide what he will wear in the morning the night before. You might also ask him to wake up an hour before you do to take care of his routine. If you prefer a man with hairy legs, let him know and he will either give you a good explanation or grow back his legs' hair. You can decide not to be a part of this "odd" routine! Just do not watch! If you are with a "normal" man, would you watch him shower, pee, or shave? Just enjoy the fact that you are with a man who looks and feels good regardless of what he does to maintain that sort of freshness. If his is really a nice guy on all other levels, try to be grateful for the fact that you do not have to deal with many seriously disgusting things that most men do because they believe it would be emasculating to do otherwise!

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