How to start your 40s with the right attitude?

Date posted: October 8, 2016



Published in Identity Magazine – October 2016


How to start your 40s with the right attitude?

Look forward to a new phase in your life; look forward to more independence, more inner strength, more clarity of vision, and more wisdom.

Embrace the changes that you are about to witness inside out and do not try to defy time.

Acceptance is the keyword during your 40s. Acceptance of your past, your flaws, your mistakes, and your errors of judgment.

If you truly accept the fact that you have spent forty years on this planet, you will allow your soul to free itself from childhood traumas, teen turmoil, twenties insecurities, and thirties struggles.

Feel proud of every white hair, every fine line, and every dark spot. I know that everything around pushes you to cling on to the fanciness of youth, but if you truly embrace your forties, you will enjoy and appreciate the change that comes with it.

Be kind to yourself; start drinking plenty of water, eating green vegetables, cut down on sugar and caffeine, sleep early, and exercise your muscles.

Pamper yourself because you can afford it! You finally can afford the quality time you owe yourself, the nature walks you longed for, and the long baths that you could not afford before.

Read! Start enjoying the company of a book and the secret joys that reading bring.

This is the time to reap all the fruits of the self-knowledge that you have been working on; now you know what you truly enjoy, who you truly want to spend time with, where you truly want to be, how you want to send your time and money, and when to put an end to drama before it even unravels.

Weed off unhealthy relationships. Now you have the courage and wisdom to select the people whom you give power to love you, or hurt you. If someone in your life has proven to misuse the trust you have given them, weed them off.

Enjoy the power of the word “NO!”! Your forties are a time of strength! You no longer have to do anything against you will! Saying “NO!” has never been easier. You can finally say it with confidence and ease!

If you allow yourself, you can actually be happy! You can be happy in your forties; you are no longer a kid, no longer a teen, no longer struggling, and no longer insecure. You are You … this is the ultimate source of happiness! Be yourself and be true to yourself!

Sharpen your skills! Your forties are a great time to take courses, attend workshops, do sports, and try a variety of classes to reconnect with your hobbies and forsaken dreams.

Balance is another keyword! Finally, you will find the right balance between all the forces tugging at your sleeve! You will know how much time to give work, kids, family, friends, and yourself.

If you smoke, please stop! If you want your forties to be kind to you, please be kind to yourself.

Did you know that the things that used to bother you in your twenties and thirties will no longer matter once you are well in your forties?

If you have unfulfilled dreams, now it’s the time to make them come true. All you have to do is pursue them! Use the wisdom and strength that you have gained to decide what and who truly matter! This is the secret to fulfilling those dreams.

You are no longer young and foolish; you are not yet old and tired! You are perfectly ripe!

Happy navigation through your forties!

Marwa Rakha

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