مونتيسوري مصر- تقدمها مروة رخا

Egypt: A New Presidential Candidate in the Making


In September 2005 Ayman Nour of Al Ghad Party and No'man Goma'a of New Wafd Partynominated themselves against President Hosni Mubarak. Nour was charged with fraud and Goma'a was accused of insanity! Since 2000, Gamal Hosni Mubarak  has the been groomed to be his father's successor as the next president with no apparent opponent. Today, rumor has it that Omar Soliman, Chief of The Egyptian General Intelligence Services, is an eligible presidential candidate.

With only 19 members, I support & I am proud that "Omar Suleiman" is the next President of EGYPT is a Facebook group campaigning for Suleiman; Wael Samir, creator of the group ended his introduction of Lieutenant General Omar Soliman saying:

Gen. Omar Suleiman, .. I am proud that you are the next President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

and about his future political role, he wrote:

In the recent years, due to his powerful role in Regional political scene, many speculations rose to conclude that Suleiman will succeed current Egyptian president, Mubarak and become the fifth Egyptian President, or at least become a Vice President. Although many have voiced that these rumors are true due to many factors including power, respect amongst Arab leaders and Israel, neither Suleiman nor the National Democratic Party spoke of this or commented on any future political role for Suleiman. Despite this, he still remains a plausible presidential candidate, should the next president come from a military background.

El Negm El Sa3ed (Rising Star) is the anonymous owner of Omar Soliman's blog. His slogan is:

لا جمال و لا إخوان … عايزين عمر سليمان
No to Gamal … No to the Muslim Brothers … We only want Omar Soliman

The Arabist is so excited about this blog:

[A] Blog dedicated to advocating Omar Suleiman as Egypt's next president – today's front page story in al-Dustour. Its slogan: "no to the Brothers, no to Gamal". I think this representative of a fairly large constituency in Egypt, but you have to wonder: Mubarak-haters are unhappy with his son, understandably, but why then go with his right-hand man? The other thing you have to wonder – who's behind the blog? Is this a test balloon by the Omar Suleiman people as we approach succession? The game is on, people, the game is on.

In this postEl Negm El Sa3ed quotes what renowned Egyptian politicians have to say aboutOmar Soliman in comparison to Gamal Mubarak:

المستشار محمود الخضيري( رئيس نادي قضاة الإسكندرية السابق) : اللواء سليمان من الشخصيات التي تتمتع بحسن سير وسلوك طاغ وبالطبع فإن وجوده على رأس المؤسسة خلال المرحلة المقبلة قد يسفر في نهاية الأمر عن الحيلولة دون السقوط في دوامة المجهول
Councilor Mahmoud El Khodeiry (Former Head of Alexandria's Judges Club): Lieutenant Soliman is a public figure known for his integrity and of course having him head the organization in the coming phase might eventually stop the country from fading into oblivion.
حمدين صباحي( وكيل مؤسسي حزب الكرامة والنائب بالبرلمان): لا يمكن بأي حال من الأحوال مقارنة اللواء سليمان بتاريخه الطويل بجمال مبارك، فالأول خدم مصر وله سجله العسكري المشرف
Hamdeen Sabbahi of (Al Karama Party and a member of parliament): There is no possible comparison between Lieutenant Soliman and Gamal Mubarak for the former has honorably served Egypt and has a record of achievements.
الشاعر أحمد فؤاد نجم : أن المرحلة القادمة في مصر تحتاج لمن يطهرها من 'درن رجال الأعمال بعد أن ساهم الحزب الحاكم في الكثير من الفضائح ولا يمكن بأي حال من الأحوال أن يكون البديل جمال مبارك وذلك لأن هذا الشبل من ذاك الأسد
Poet Ahmed Fouad Negm: In the coming phase, Egypt is in dire need of an antidote to the tuberculosis-like virus of businessmen. After the ruling party has starred in many scandals, there is no way that Gamal Mubarak should pose a viable alternative for like father like son.
ضياء رشوان : سليمان هو خير المرشحين لخلافة مبارك في الوقت الراهن وذلك إذا أراد النظام الحيلولة دون حدوث حالة من الفراغ السياسي
Diaa Rashwan: Soliman is the best presidential candidate available for the time being – that is if the system wants to avoid an inevitable state of political chaos.

Speaking of Gamal MubarakWael Nawara posted this poll on his blog:

هل توافق على أن يخوض جمال مبارك انتخابات الرئاسة في حياة والده أو بعده مباشرة؟
Gamal Mubarak to nominate himself in the presidential elections during in his father's lifetime or right after he passes away – Do you agree?


In this post he quotes Al Quds Al Arabi newspaper saying:

مصر: قلق في اوساط النظام مع تزايد الضغوط على مبارك لإختيار عمر سليمان لخلافته
Egypt: Turmoil among policy makers as Mubarak is pressured into selecting Omar Soliman as his successor.

In that post, he quotes The Global Post saying:

الجيش ضد توريث الحكم في مصر
The army is against the inheritance of power in Egypt

The blog showcases various clippings from Al Dostoor NewpaperAl Osbou'Al Jazeera ChannelThe BBC Video Report, The Los Angeles Times, The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, and more – all in support of the new presidential candidate.

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