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How does friendships with the opposite gender differ after marriage?



Hey Marwa, how are you doing.

Marwa, I have a quick question for you. In your opinion, how does friendships with the opposite gender differ or should differ after marriage? For example, if you had guy friends from university or elsewhere before marriage, should you necessarily stop talking to them after marriage? (or at least limit the closeness of the friendship?).

It would be good to publish that on your website to see what other people think too.


There are no rules hun
It is a case by case scenario
Some couples agree that it is ok to become all close friends (you become close friends with your husbands female friends and your husband becomes close friends with your male friends)
Other couples agree that each party keeps the friendships as they are based on trust and respect (nothing changes)
Others would keep the friendships but decrease the intimacy
Others would insist that the man and/or the woman cuts off all previous friendships
And I know people who changed their numbers – based on their spouse's request
But there is a very fine line to walk here … when a person is having problems in their relationships, it is very possible that they would fall for "the friend" because this is the only source of comfort.
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