مونتيسوري مصر- تقدمها مروة رخا

Hiii marwa I wanna tell u my problem but 1st let me know u that I am a big fan of yours coz u live with ethics and u know how to defend on it even if they are right or wrong also u r flexible with ur opinions..coz no problem to be different from the others….i hesitated a lot to write to coz(ana makontsh 3ayza akbar el mawdo3 fe dma3’e bas hoa kda kda kber) w ahe fadfada badal el 5an2a..anyway but here is my problem:

I am in my 4th year in ma colg and I am in love with my colleague from 3 years ago since we are departed u know practical colgs has preparatory year but let me tell my story mmmmmmm in details coz it is complicated from my point of view….in the first year he used to be with himself in the department not a friend of any boy or a girl kolo kan kalamo sat7e ma3ah w about studying only(colleagues w bas) then when we finish he sit with other friends from the first year.

the weird friends and they are 2 girls allege they are friends and a Muslim girl in love with his friend a Christian boy (w m2deen 7yathom),me and my friends wondered yyyy someone like him friend ppl like that …anyway.one day in the end of the first year me and two of my friend were doin a project and not finished of it then he came along with another boy that we know and helped us (3’arebaa ya3ne) and talk to us (w 3amlna mn el ba7r t7ena )he told us that he read in psychology and he knew about the body language and he analyis us and our movement (w klam mn da ya3ne) we all impressed by him then he notice that iam bothered by what he said he apologize a lot and also the next day also then w began to talk to him and all of our friends too(masda2o ba2a).. and then we knew that his father was a doctor in the colg and he owe’s factories in middle east and soo…

akamel mmmmm don’t wanna tell u of course ba2a far5a bkshk 3and all girls and also for all the doctors and all girls kant bttdla3 3aleh tryin to impress him and embarrass another girls to appear as el bet el gamda el sha5sya…and me..was showing him the bad part before the good one coz in coz I am not good person all the time and my philosophy is he should accept me as I am b3bable ya3ne law 3agbo ok w law msh 3agbo el yfoet all the camels ..any way he was really very zoo2 with me as i never asked him in something and let me down and still..but he was kinda strange like whan I call him he sometimes cancelled or not answer and then he told me work or meeting or something..any way.the second year in our department I had a girl friend but I was doubt that she also love him and she denied that when i asked her,then I left her coz she was a bad one and she told me that she knew him from the preparatory year in the colg and he was silly fat one and tried to impress her and she wasn’t like him at all

,any way in general I will tell u how the second and the third year in the department pass by us..
once nb2a tamam ma3a ba3d then I treat him badly yb3ed shwya w mnklmsh ba3d then nrga3 nklm ba3d tane and the cycle repeated all the time till now and sometimes I feel that we are in a movie or something.

,also he don’t talk with me in presence of any boy unless we are lots of ppl I don’t yyy it’s noticeable when we are alone he talk,but he talk with other girls 3ade in any time msh btfre2 ma3ah,also-once we are talking about a msg I sent him-a girl friend of him from his strange group came he told me stop talking now when she came and that happen every time with his group also when we go home together by the CTA he talked to me all the road but when we are with one of his friends we don’t talk and he seemed to be nervous also. 

,he look soo jealous when I am standing with other boys(sometimes I did that to make him jealous) and came to talk with us sometimes he took me away from them
,at the colg I feel that his eyes is sticking on me
,when I get nervous on him he don’t say anything till I finish then byz3al shwya then w talk again
,he stand with other girls and look at me.laugh with them and look at me even bring other girls and talk with them in front of me
,also every girl thought he is in love with her coz hoa zooooo2 bzzyada some friend told me I notice that he is different with u from 
the other girls and i feel that too 3ashan mat2olelesh dont hear to girls talkin…..anyway

.. I wanna tell en el 7oma 5afet shwya w ba2et rasya ma3ah w ma3a nafse Kaman especially this term coz I took decision about that

look ya marwa ana tawelt 3alake b3’baaaaaa2 bas bgad kont 3ayzake t3rafe some details.. I know this strange mood of me with him coz hoa msh mrasene 3ala bar w kol 7aga he did had two explanation and the same thing I did with him I did it with other boys in order not to be noticeable from him or the others I feel that he feel the same as me coz he has a strange mood with me too I don’t know what to do bgad and once we play spin the bottle he said I admire a girl but I will not tell her any thing unless I feel that from her too and more…when he let me down br5m 3aleh awe w ba2el zo2e w hoa ya3ene bysta7mel ana 7asa en hoa faker en hoa 7ad 3ade 3ande zayo zay 3’ero w hya de el problem coz I cant show him my love really marwa I love him for the right reasons and I feel he is that too he understand me well and I understand him well to more than him self w hoa by5af 3alaya w 3ala za3le w by3’er 3alaya that shown in many situations w law e7na met5an2een 3omro mabybaen 2odam el nas 3ala el 3aks ana bar5m w bakbeso kter and I wanna tell u once he told me that he like a romance movie a lot and he was soo keen and advice me to watch it when I saw the movie some situations in the movie exactly happened to us…how ramantic,and the best time I spend in my life when I talk to him alone or in the phone or something w tab3an when we talk in the phone we 1st 5 minutes we talk about studying and the rest of the call we talk about any other thing in the life,he is sooo kind and sensitive and w hoa feh 3yob w ana 3rfaha w 2ablaha kda and I think he thinks that way too..hoa sa7e7 fe 3yob zay for example en dma3’o dma3′ 3ayel so3’yar f 7agat mo3yana w en dam3’o nashfaaaaaa gedaaaan w mo3kad f 7agat w eno ma3ndosh seka f nafso coz he talks a lot 3an el ma3rad ele ra7o f paris w lama ra7 switzerland w turkey w msh 3arf eh w absar eh..mmmmmmm..sa7e7 kol de 3yob bas ana 3arfaha w 2ablaha..msh bardo ele by7eb 7ad mabyshofsh feh 3yob  w 7asa enak hat2olel en da msh 7ob madam ente 3arfa 3yobo kda msh 3arfa leh….
..now tell me how to show him my love in the right way and how to be sure that he love me too ya3ne 7aga t7sal aw mawkef to proof that and how to make him tell me that he love me in case if he is especially I feel that en hoa da3ef el sha5sya 2odam ahlo la2en his father shaklo sa3b gedan (hoa lama7 bkda ) and he worked with him (hay7remo mn el meras ya3ne lool) but as en hoa ebn nas fa msh 3ayzna nd5ol f 7war hoa msh ado aw allaho a3lam eh ele hay7sal feh and I feel that awe when I talk to him at home he try to finish the call bsor3a 3ala ad ma y2dar w sa3at yklemne belel (lama kolo ynam ya3ne)b7get eno lesa rage3 mn bara now w mashafsh el missed bta3te,,also from the strange situations once I offer him awaslao by my car he said ok but when he saw my sister and her fianc? with me in the car he refused even to show himself to them and hide behind another car also when I invited them at my home every one came except him…, and how I am gonna treat with other department girls and other girls in the colg too ele 7ata 2amaaaaaal 3areda 3aleh,he is now carin about himself jem ba2a w kda mab2ash el fat strange boy bta3 zaaman,no girl love the other in our department(nafsana ba2a w kda) coz of him kolo bymasel 3ala kolo but I took decision to them all as colleagues not more not less,also I feel eno ma3ndosh self confidence coz 7asal kaza mawkef ba7es feha en hoa by5af yo7rag mn ay 7aga also I feel that he was the clumsy boy at school(el wad el hozo2) and that appears from the comments that his friends write on his photos on facebook and once he said that he was in love with a girl in the school bas el mawdo3 makmelsh m7salsh naseeb so sometimes I feel that he is afraid from the idea of marriage itself and fallin in love so from all that I feel that is the obstacle bgad between us so how I am gonna make him feel the opposite ma3a el 3elm ene need to keep my dignity
,my family knows it all my mum told me mt7yaresh nafsek wa 5sosan en fe boys admire me in the colg and I feel he notice that and my mum like one of them and ask me all the time about him and told me that I feel the boy I love is (na2es w 2nane w bymasel eno zo2 w ebn nas w ma3ndosh seka f nafso) w bas and my mum told me that from all the situations I told and others…so I am on a big trouble coz I luv him and when I decided to forget him millions things take me back, wel mawde3 btkbar w fe 3ares kan 3ayz yt2adem w tab3an 7get lama t5las drasetha wel kalam da so ana 3ayza a2ta3 3er2 w asaya7 dam ya ykon f 7aga w nsma3 sot sa3’rota ya ashof 7ale ma3a had tane ana 3arfa ene hat3ab 3ashan ansah 5sosan en hoa f weshe every day bas I know I can, w e7na 2odam el nas friend w bas
Walahe walahe ya marmar ana kan nfse a2olk 3ala 7agat Tanya bas 2olt ente hatshtmene (lol ) law katbt aktar mn kda
okkk w plz gawbene in Arabic coz it impress me more than English(I am of problem 56 if u wanna make connection)..luv u….




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مروة رخا: موجهة مونتيسوري معتمدة دولياً من الميلاد حتى 12 عام. Marwa Rakha: Internationally certified Montessori educator from birth to 12 years.

بدأت “مروة رخا” رحلتها مع “نهج وفلسفة المونتيسوري” في نهاية عام 2011 بقراءة كتب “د. ماريا مونتيسوري” عن الطفل والبيئة الغنية التي يحتاجها لينمو ويزدهر. تلت القراءة الحرة دراسة متعمقة للفلسفة والمنهج مع مركز أمريكا الشمالية للمونتيسوري

“North American Montessori Center”