Recorded Advice: Can an abusive man change?

Date posted: May 4, 2009

I was engaged 2 years ago to a guy thn i felt from his actions and reactions tht he doesn't love me (no care – no showing love- no feelings- no going out – no gifts- giving nothing but receiving EVERYTHING

وكنت بحس فى أوقات إنه طمعان فيا

ex.(although he had his own car he was using mine) thn i broke up 1 year ago and was so much satisfied because i finally stopped ths shit specially tht he was giving me always bad comments on my face , my hair..etc to the extent tht i began to loose my self confidence , 3 months later after i broke up he began to send me messengers admitting tht he was too bad and promising tht he got the message but too late so he needs to prove tht he became better and how much he loves me,

he started to send tender sms, emailing me with lovely words , giving me too much compliments , suprising me in any place i go.. in the begining i was planning not to go into ths relation again specially after his serious neglect for 2 years but now thr is a fluctuation and wt he is doing is affecting me positively , knowing tht i thought after we broke tht all wt he did for 2 years was just عملية إسقاط becauseof the (Education level -Career-monthly income-socially-more well off) and this idea is still controlling me… here is the quest. 1) Does he deserve another chance? 2 ) If yes should i test him and how?

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