Recorded Advice: Random Relationships Questions

Date posted: May 4, 2009

wanna ask u some questions:

1-how to forget the one i used to love but he is my colleague and i see him every day also when i decided to forget him he gives me hope in some way and we are not in love i mean we are not connected in any way we are just friends but we feel something happen between us mmmmmm i pass by bad bad phase u know.

2-how to know this one loves me by a word said or a look or something done.

3-what if i feel that my friend fell in love with the only one i love and she knew that and also she denied but it shows u know we are girls and we understand with each other.

4-how to say to any boy admired me that i am not in love with him but not in embaressing way.
hope to have your answer and excuse my language if there was anythig wrong….luv u

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