Recorded Advice: He left me because he does not have time to watch TV

Date posted: April 24, 2009

Dear Marwa ,

First i want to thank you for all your articles and openess and giving some of your time to read this ,

My story in short , i met a guy at work which i used to not like at all and thought like ewwww who the hell he thinks he is !!

I neglected him completly unpuposely as i was intrested in another , i left work for a another job and there i find him calling me ( we never used to ) , he startred the move of lets get together he is tring to get closer to my frirds , flirted A LOT , and then hinted then took back all he said then confessed but becoz he is from diffrent nationality ( but same religion) it will not be reasonable and all that blah ,

then we agreed to remain freinds even though we have attraction , i was okay since i was like okay i stratred to be attracted but still in my comfort zone ( as i am known to be self confident and don't give in easliy) , he made tremendous effort under the name of "friends " buy me limousne jaguar to take me to dinner in semiramis or four seasons and all that , for 4 month , month 5 he confessed strong feelings , lovey dovey honey moon phase , he is always smsing morning night , night calls " btw all that also in undecided friends phase which we confessed feelings bardo men el awel " ,THEN one night he calls me up as he usually does to update me on how his day went as "its his style not sth i imposed " to tell me about his day and i will call you when i get up to the flat (i was on bus trip then) , one hour .. two passes then i called hi honey are you okay ? 

Him: yes i am watching TV ..
ME: i was worried 2 hours i thought sth happened.
HIM: i am very stressed , even my own my mom i don't call , you are the only one i call , since i have met you I HAVE NEVER WATCHED TV ??????!!!!
ME: " got the stupid message but out of pride said" it is alright babe we all go through this phase where we need our own space , enjoy your movie.
HIM: i will call you when i finish .

CONCLUSION : never heard of him eversince " 4 months uptill now " ..

1. PLZ try to give me a logical explanation for this . 
2. I was devastaed and he put me in a state of doubting my self and all that viscious circle " thx to ur articles and my mom's suppor back to stable emotional state"

3. If you need more details plz e-mail me or call me


5. Best Regards

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