Recorded Advice: What do I want to do with my life?

Date posted: April 24, 2009

hi marwa,
my problem is about my college,i study applied arts..this is the fourth year.,i didn't pass my exams the first year, thus i still have two years left.
the problem is i thought studying methods and subjects were different..when i joined the faculty i found out it was hell..the subjects have nothing to do with wat i wanna learn..and the worest thing is that i have to attend daily from 9am to 6,i have no time for anything..i feel like iam wasting my time in useless information and a dull place
i wanted to leave college and join another one much easier…or get an online degree

but my parents refused and my frnds asked me not to

four years have passed and im still want to leave it..i am not happy with sucks my energy and it ruins my time
now, my frnds tell me"r u insane!! u have already wasted 4 years of ur life,4 yrs have passed and there is only 2 left (hanet 5alas) "
but i look at it from adifferent perspective…i have wasted 4 years and i dun wannna waste my time anymore
i want to get job..i dun like the fact that iam 21 yrs and still depend on my parents money
i want to join an easy college that duznt require attendence,like law school for example..i will be able to work and study at the same time..i won't go to college except for final exams
plz,marwa help me..iam very dazed..iam very concerned about my's all i care about right now..i want to prove myself..i wanna tell u that i haven't been in any relationships lately cuz of my problems wiz my family and cuz i want to concentrate on my study and my future now

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