Recorded Advice: Self Esteem … and wants to take off her veil

Date posted: April 21, 2009

1st: I have A BIG issue wz my self confidence and my self-esteem,am over weight and am wearing the veil since forever now am almost 22 and when i wore it i was just 11 or 12 somethin like this,so being a girly girl is somethin i don't even know,am always feeling like "tante" and i took it 4 granted that i would never look better,BUT now i've started 2 think what can i do 2 become more confident and more happy so i think am gonna lose some weight "and am not soo fat" and i want 2 take my veil off just 2 try the feeling of being a girl.
But let me tell u that my Family r hating the idea sooooooo much,my brothers and my sisters in law told me 2 take my chances but my mum n dad r refusin and i don't know what 2 do,especially that my father is sick and he's taking it on his nerves.

2nd:ofc this whole story is ruining my love life,am not picky @ choosing my partner coz i think am not good enough 2 do such thing,althought am from a very good family Elhamdo l allah,and was in a good school and have so many good friends But when it comes 2 loving somebody i feel like i want 2 thank him for being wz me :S:S
I know i have a good personality and so many guys love it,but the way i look is not that good.
AND THAT'S WHY i fell in love on-line and it was extremely hard coz it wasn't real it was like a dream that u know it's a dream so u don't enjoy it.
Now i don't know what 2 do,am always sad and can't have fun wz anybody or anythin am feeling like am incomplete and there's something missing…what do u think is going on ?

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