Recorded Advice: My fiancee is abusive

Date posted: April 17, 2009


Hi Marwa, it's the first time for me to write to you, hope not to disturb you.

well, i knew my fiance at the faculty and we were in relationship for the whole years of our study and due to our researches and our study we were so close to each other, frankly he was doing everything to me and was so everything to me . after we finished we were going to be engaged, but he insisted on postponing it till we finish our masters. anyway, he changed a lot, and were always complaining from depending on him in everything.

anyway, we have got engaged on 2007 and after two months he traveled to finish his masters abroad. and here is the big disaster, we talked less, and we were not like we used to be. in another words we changed, but he changed more than me.

and with  Coincidence one of my friends there told me that he said that he was not engaged and that he knows another girl. after a lot of problems, we left each other for three months. at this three months i knew another person who was on the contrary of my fiance. he was caring, loves me, and he was very respectful, and he made me feel as if i was a queen. but we left each other.

i don't know wither it was a good thing or bad to leave each other. anyway me and my fiance returned back but not like before. he became so cruel, and rude, and treats me badly, neglecting and even no respecting. and the disaster was that i knew from him that he had a casual relationship when we left each other.. i think you knew what i mean. he did something wrong there… and this what makes me shocked until now. sometime he become nice, and insist on promising him not to break up.. and i feel that i miss him. others he neglecting. my parents fed up from him and his way, and promises. he puts work and any other thing before me or our life. i miss him in my life, and i don't know what to do… even i tried to neglect him and he even didn't notice. 

i wish my life be happier, i even miss smiling at others. i want him to be like he used to be with me when we were young. i don't know how to make him back. or even there is a chance for so. my parents wants me to break up and when i think i feel i wanna do the same, but i always say there must be something to make him back, it's about eight years relation !!. 

plus when he treats me so, i miss the other guy and what he was doing to me. 
could you give me advice, wither to break up or there is still a hope to return him back… or the time has passed for thing in this hope …
if you could help me i would be thankful… and sorry for this long message..

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