مونتيسوري مصر- تقدمها مروة رخا

An Email from Claire – My Egyptian Husband


I just read on your website about a women who was married to a egyptian man and treated bad, I wanted to know how i can help other women from falling in the same trap that other women have done like myself.
I met my husband in november 2007 he was so sweet and caring made a effort with me i suppose not like men from europe (im english by the way) i was staying in sharm el sheikh and saw him everyday i was with my family and he was so happy and made everyone feel welcome so i thought he was decent, i flew back to uk and we kept in contact by msn messenger and tets and phone calls (most was by me phoning, now i realise it was more 1 sided)
i had so many people say that he just wants a visa and i never thought that and was adement to prove others wrong……well the cut a long story short we applied for a marriage visa so he could come to uk and marry me which he did in october 2009, we married in november our marriage was bad always arguing, he hit me a few times and was possesive didnt like me spending time with my family i just thought it was the stress of our wedding planning none of his family came to our wedding they didnt approve that i was from england.
I was working and even when he got his visa he put off getting work and then i found out i was pregnant he told me to abort it, this really hurt me im a 25 year old women and this is my first baby we always talked about having a family but he just avoided talking about it now i am pregnant.
When i found out he decided that he wanted to go to italy and visit his sister i didnt mind thought that we would have a break from eachother and be ready to be a "proper family" when i have our baby silly me!! he texted me from italy and said he werent coming back, i was angry and upset all i wanted was my baby to have a loving family home like any women does.
I was so annoyed because he just got a 2 year uk visa allowing him to work and travel to any country he wishes to, i thought how dare he leave me here pregnant and go on holiday. He has been bragging he will go anywhere he wants and he doesnt want anything to do with me and this baby i feel like i want to kill him! how on earth can any man do that to a innocent child thats not even here yet?!
Now he says he wants a divorce and that he is on holiday to clear his head with his friends and family, while i am here worrying how i am going to buy everything for a baby! I am lucky my family are here for me and will help me but thats not the point, We have only been married 8 and a 1/2 months and i cant work because this pregnancy is rough i have been really ill with it and Amr knows all this and hasnt asked if i need any money at all to help, he was used to me paying the bills, the rent etc…..
Now i am just looking forward to my new future with my baby i just want to warn other women im not a sterostyper i fell in love with a poor egyptian man when i could of had a man in uk maybe not all egyptian men are the same but how many more women are going to be used……………..i dont know if he used me for a visa seems a bit strange that he just walked out on his wife and unborn baby.
Can you help me warn others
Many Thanks
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